Increase your rates, improve profitability, maximize impact - while maintaining your lifestyle.

Introducing a first-of-its-kind mastermind for fractional CFOs who want to build a seven-figure firm and embrace a new way of doing business…

A high-level, full-access experience with all the training, community, & mentorship you need to build a wildly profitable firm built around your lifestyle.




You’ve taken the big leap and started your firm, you've picked up some decent clients, and you're on your way into the multiple six-figure club.

Kudos to you! That’s a huge accomplishment and you should be proud.



You’ve taken the big leap and started your firm, you've picked up some decent clients, and you're on your way into the six-figure club.

Kudos to you! That’s a huge accomplishment and you should be proud.


You haven’t set up any systems or structure for those wins to snowball into continued success.

So lemme guess: You’re still overworking and undercharging (and getting hit by that *I should do more* feeling every time you try to clock out).

Because despite all the blood, sweat, and balance sheets, you have yet to build out the fine-tuned systems and find those dreamboat high-end clients that turn those starry-eyed dreams into reality.

But what if there was an exclusive group curated specifically for the best & brightest fractional CFO entrepreneurs…

Run by an expert mentor who will pull back the curtain and reveal the exact systems, processes, and strategies you need to scale your fractional CFO firm to seven figures (WITHOUT the overtime)?

Would you finally be willing to stop the barely-surviving-always-putting-out-fires hustle so you can step back, think big, and go all-in on building the business, team, schedule, and lifestyle you’ve always wanted?

Would you be prepared to pave your own path from a place of security, clarity, & freedom (instead of the constant troubleshooting, exhaustion, and uncertainty)?



It's time to see the kind of results that transform your life and take your firm from just surviving to totally thriving.

You’ve already paid your dues through school, corporate offices, and the wild world of entrepreneurship.

Now is the time to reap the rewards.

Rewards like…

…Raising your rates to premium status and firing bad-fit, low-paying clients.

…Setting boundaries with your clients so you can leave those slacks, emails, and messages unanswered until tomorrow.

…Installing proven systems & automated processes that allow you to get more done in less time.

…Nailing high-end contracts so you spend less time following up with dead-end leads. 

…Offering world-class services that change the game for high-end clients.

…Hiring (and retaining) quality team members who have the technical and people skills to take loads of work off your plate.

…Leading a business that suits your lifestyle, whether you want to pick up the kids from school or take Fridays off.

But, despite a full client list and a calendar that keeps getting more and more packed, you're stuck.  

You've been looking for someone that can show you how to get beyond the low 6-figures that require working long days in the business.

You've been looking for someone that will give you: the mentoring you need to guide you out of the low-six-figure hustle - and into the high six or seven-figure balanced CEO you are destined to become!



  • With 25 clients paying you $500 each month
  • Who run you ragged, don’t respect your time or your value
  • Which causes you to work 50+ hours a week


  • With 10 clients paying you $4000 each month
  • Who respect you, your time, your expertise, and your boundaries
  • Which allows you to work only 25 hours a week

Building a highly successful seven-figure CFO firm doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.

It can be your reality.

Building a highly successful seven-figure financial firm doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. It can be your reality.



And when you’re willing to collaborate with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs working towards a common goal, you become part of something truly special.

Like an explorer setting sail for the new world, you can be at the helm of the ship that’s headed towards the promised land (which is full of riches & spoils).

So if you’re ready to ditch the old way of doing things…

And to join a new generation of online fractional CFOs who are on the cutting edge of doing things differently...

Stick with me.

Because you’re about to learn how you can lead a fractional CFO firm that works with your lifestyle and generates greater impact for you and your clients.


(If You Want to Scale Your Fractional CFO Firm to High Six or Seven Figures)...


(If You Want to Scale Your Fractional CFO Firm to Seven Figures)...

I need to get something off my chest.

There’s a reason why so many people stay in the crappy corporate world working for someone else.

Because financial experts have always been taught that the only way to get ahead is to follow the old-school playbook.

You know:

The playbook that says you have to pull 80+ hour workweeks.

The playbook that says you have to service a ton of clients at a competitive price to make any real money.

The playbook that says you have to manage a large team of bookkeepers and accountants to service all those clients.

But with apologies to those stuffy old white dudes that came from the time when smoking on airplanes (and many other terrible things) was considered acceptable…

I call B.S.

Because there is a new way to scale a firm that doesn't include ANY of those things.

I know it because I've done it.

My mastermind members and I are proof that you can build an online CFO firm that scales and adds a ton of value to your clients - while still maintaining the type of lifestyle you want to live.

You can stop working out of your inbox and have tasks planned out in advance.

You can have the flexibility to give your family, friends, and interests your time instead of putting them on the backburner.

You can generate next level revenue that completely transforms your life (without worshiping the almighty billable hour).

So instead of following the old-school line of thinking…

I invite you to join the new school.

Because, the truth is, there are people just like you who are building successful CFO firms by doing things a different way.

And they're doing it by following a new playbook written for a new generation that wants to be their own boss, embrace the world we live in today, and lead with their values...



  • 80-hour workweeks
  • High volume / competitive pricing
  • Focus on the number of clients
  • Working in a busy firm
  • Capped salary
  • Meetings all day
  • An abusive “the client is always right” culture
  • Worship the almighty billable hour



  • Flexible schedule, working 20 to 30 hours a week (if you want)
  • Focus on serving a few high-end, amazing clients
  • Unlimited, scaleable potential
  • A calendar that serves you
  • Setting and sticking to your own boundaries

Ready to level up?

Wanna join the cool kids club?


If making the leap to a million-dollar lifestyle firm seems impossible, you just haven’t found the secret sauce yet….

That endless Peloton ride to burnout that leaves you feeling like you can’t catch your breath no matter how many hours you sink into your business…it comes from a lack of focus.

Because when you try to go in every direction at once…you end up going nowhere.

But charging premium rates, reaching seven figures in revenue, expanding your team, and making bigger strides while working fewer hours…that comes from structure.

When you join The CFO Mastermind, I walk beside you help you get the focus you need to end the burnout.  I show you how to tweak your firm so that it finally delivers the way you need it to. 

The CFO Mastermind method is a three-pillar approach to completely transforming your business by:

The CFO Mastermind method is a three-pillar approach to completely transforming your business by:

Refining your SERVICES, MARKETING, & SALES to see immediate gains in revenue while setting yourself up for long-term success.

Maximizing your efficiency through OPERATIONS by systemizing and automating recurring tasks and establishing SOPs.

Hiring and developing a TEAM to delegate daily tasks and focus on high-level work like a true CEO.

By focusing on one pillar at a time (while making sure the work you’re doing today is in line with your long-term goals in the other pillars), you actually go further, faster.

This is the exact approach I used to grow my CFO firm to seven figures in less than five years (all while keeping my sanity and working fewer than 40 hours a week).

I want to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of my operations and exclusive access to my brain so you can build your own thriving seven-figure firm.


Which is exactly why I created:


The one-of-a-kind community & coaching program designed to give fractional CFO entrepreneurs a copy & paste roadmap for next-level success.

You’ll get exclusive mentorship, coaching, and community that will help you:

  • Set and achieve business goals that put your personal life first.
  • Develop and implement strategies AND tactics that will help you increase revenue and maximize impact.
  • Handle sales calls with confidence.
  • Make sure that you're laser focused and working on the right things to move your business forward. 
  • Implement proven processes & procedures 
  • Build a team (and hiring right the first time)
  • Refine and simplify your tech stack 
  • Streamline communications
  • Adopt a CEO Mindset (becoming the CEO your business needs you to be)
  • Build services that scale (productizing your offers!) 


So you can step into your CEO role and build a CFO firm that’s primed to serve you AND your clients with excellence!


“Michael provides super actionable advice and the nuts and bolts of how to build this business. It’s given me a framework for what I should be pushing towards. I love the mastermind. When I saw the kind of value he was delivering, it was a no-brainer to sign up.

- Seanna Asper, CPA

I’ve really enjoyed the mastermind. Michael’s opened up all of his resources. He doesn’t hold back. It’s that ability to message him, get answers, and walk through problems. It’s nice for me to tap into: to see what he does, how he does it, and whether it fits what I’m doing now and how I can adapt it."

- Caitlynn Eldridge, CPA

I’ve always been a numbers nerd.

And after starting my own fractional CFO firm, the numbers weren’t adding up. I was serving way too many clients, making way too little owner's comp, and working way too many hours.

Even though I used my knowledge to help my clients transform their businesses and their profits, my revenues hit a glass ceiling (no matter how much time and energy I poured into my business). 

After completely burning out and nearly throwing in the towel, I rebooted my firm.  This time, I focused on attracting better clients, simplifying our services, focusing on processes, and developing a small but mighty team.

And after all of that work, after getting hyper-focused and hyper-clear, I was able to 5x our revenue while serving better clients, growing my team, and working fewer hours.

After 6+ years, hundreds of clients, and creating massive impact for our clients, I’ve discovered the formula for scaling a modern fractional CFO firm.

And I REALLY want to share it!

So I decided to create The CFO Mastermind to give fractional CFOs access to my brain - my whole brain.

Every last thing I know about building a million-dollar firm.

The CFO Mastermind is an exclusive program for fractional CFOs who have established firms but want to know the exact steps to take to reach next-level success…so they can maximize their revenue, expand their impact, and become the industry leaders they’re meant to be.

But I know that on the journey to 7 figures, there are challenges, roadblocks, and questions.

To get past those you'll need:



You need someone to walk alongside you in the trenches.  You need someone that has been there and done that to help guide you through the inevitable challenges you'll face. You need someone that just gets it.


You need tried-and-true strategies, processes, and procedures to apply to your business right away. You don't need theory - you need things that work.



You need a community of like-minded, highly successful, industry leaders that are on the same journey as you. A community of peers that you can bounce ideas off of, ask questions, and lean on for trusted support.

Which is exactly what you get when you join The CFO Mastermind, a 12-month mastermind for select leaders in the online fractional CFO space.



During your 12 months inside the mastermind, I will personally work with you to help you figure out how to establish strategies, solve problems, and set priorities. I also become one hell of an accountability partner.


The training inside The CFO Mastermind will give you the foundational knowledge you need to jump over the most common hurdles that stand in the way of fractional CFOs.

While I’ve leveraged my 6+ years of experience to carefully craft this mastermind so that it addresses your biggest challenges, there are going to be times when you face unique problems in your firm.

Not sure where to go next?

I can help you figure it out. 

When you join The CFO Mastermind, you get monthly 1:1 calls with me to strategize how to precisely hit your specific goals and solve your biggest problems.

During this 60-minute call, we’ll dive deep into the unique challenges facing your firm and come up with an action plan about what to do next.

Have a question about an upcoming client meeting, sales call, or interview with a potential team member? Just fire away during this no-holds-barred discussion.

The best way to hit those sky-high goals is to take it one step at a time. And in our monthly 1:1 calls, I'll help you define your goals and identify exactly what you need to be focused on for the next 30 days so that you're confident that you're working on the right things at the right time.

I’m also not shy about accountability. So if you need a kick in the booty every now and then, I’ll personally see to it that you stay on track.

But that’s not all.

If you have a lingering question you want to be answered ASAP, just send me a message in the private mastermind Slack workspace.

Because I want to give you all the tools you need to shorten your learning curve, you get exclusive access to me, my brain, and my CFO business.

You'll even get my personal cell phone number (my for real cell phone number - the one with the blue texts).

“The 1:1 calls are really good for me to have reminders of where I need to focus efforts to bring in the sales and growth that I want.



You’ll get access to a community of experienced fractional CFOs who are primed for a seven-figure leap.


You’ll get access to a community of experienced fractional CFOs who are primed for a seven-figure leap.

Once your application is approved, you’ll have immediate access to our exclusive CFO Mastermind Slack group. You can post questions, ask for feedback, and share your wins with your fellow members who are all working together towards a common goal.

I’ve specifically curated the best & brightest minds in the online fractional CFO space. That means that EVERY CFO Mastermind member has been screened and carefully selected as having established a six-figure+ firm.

Not only will you have the opportunity to learn from fellow members, but you’ll also have the chance to share your expertise and grow your leadership skills.

“It’s a great place because it’s also other accountants. It’s like standing at the watercooler and talking to other professionals. In accounting, there’s still a lot of scarcity and fear that helping others means less business for you. To be in a place that doesn’t have that competition is really nice.”

- Caitlynn Eldridge, CPA


The second you join The CFO Mastermind, you’ll have instant access to...


  • Monthly 1:1 coaching calls to provide the structure and feedback you need to develop an action plan to set and hit your goals
  • Access to Michael inside of Slack
  • Michael's cell phone number for "for real for real" emergencies that come up 


  • Monthly group coaching calls structured to be a mix of teaching, learning, and sharing by members of the mastermind


  • A community of leading fractional CFOs to expand your network and your knowledge

Workshop Access:

  • Full access to all paid workshops offered in The Connected Accountant community (typically one per quarter)

The CFO Academy:

  • You'll get full access to The CFO Academy course for the duration of your membership in The CFO Academy

The Connected Accountant:

  • You'll get full access to TCA PRO for the duration of your membership in The CFO Academy


And yes, we’re going to work together to build the firm of your dreams —but I also know you’re not there yet. So while the investment is a commitment, I know without a doubt that you have the potential to make the entire year’s investment back in your first 60 days.

Which is why you’ll get all of that for...

Only $1,997 per month

(1-year commitment)



I’m completely confident that The CFO Mastermind will give you everything you need to build the firm of your dreams - and never look back.

But I understand if YOU'RE not 100% confident.

So I’m giving you something to make The CFO Mastermind a no-brainer for you and your firm:

My 60-Day Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

If you join The CFO Mastermind and don’t feel like it’s giving you what you need after two months (that’s two group coaching sessions and two 1:1 calls)...

Just shoot me an email and let me know that you want out.

I’ll give you a full refund.

That’s it.

I’m so confident that you’ll see amazing wins and ROI inside The CFO Mastermind that I’m DOUBLING my normal 30-day guarantee.

Welcome to my AMA.

Here Are Qs Other Fractional CFOs Asked Before Enrolling in The CFO Mastermind:

Welcome to my AMA.

Here are Q’s other Fractional CFOs Asked Before Enrolling in CFO Mastermind:


Let me help you out...


Let me help you out...


  • You’re still in the process of creating your fractional CFO firm. If you’re still setting up your foundation or finding your first clients, you’re probably not ready to take advantage of the tools inside.
  • You identify as a bookkeeper or accountant first and foremost, with no plans of offering higher-level advisory services. While many of The CFO Mastermind members have rock-solid numbers skills, they’re focused on scaling a fractional CFO firm. If that’s not your priority, then this may not be the mastermind for you. 
  • Your firm is already consistently hitting seven figures in annual revenue. If you’re already there, congrats! You’re a rock star. But The CFO Mastermind is designed to get fractional CFOs to the next level.
  • You want to take the tools inside of The CFO Mastermind and run. This group is designed for people who want to both give and receive advice and help their peers experience big wins.



  • You’ve done the dirty work to establish your firm and have the client list to prove it. You’re already experiencing success but want to implement new strategies into your business to reach that next level of success.
  • You don’t want to follow the old-firm approach of working 80 hours a week and prioritizing revenue over quality of life. You want to build a modern firm that leaves a positive impact and gives you freedom over your calendar and lifestyle.
  • You’re ready to move from the preparation phase to the implementation phase of your business. You know you can reach amazing heights by putting tried and tested strategies into action.
  • You’re willing to do what it takes to reach your goals. You’ve already come so far and you know you have the drive to get where you want to go (you just need some directions to show you the route to take).
  • You’re excited to join a community of growth-minded fractional CFOs. You see your fellow entrepreneurs as allies to lean on rather than competitors who stand in your way.
  • You want someone to kick your butt into high gear and hold you accountable for making the big leap. You’re okay with a coach who’s willing to call you out and hold your feet to the fire.
  • You want to be a leader in the fractional CFO space and not just the leader of another firm. You’re thrilled by the idea of sharing your knowledge with other entrepreneurs, making a big impact on your clients’ lives, and refining your knowledge and expertise.

Does that sound familiar? Then I’m inviting you to join me and your peers inside The CFO Mastermind.