026: You Probably Under Appreciate This

November 25, 2022
Read time: 2:01 minutes

Most of us in the United States celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday.

And that means it's the time of year when 2 things happen: 
1️⃣ We think about all of the things we're thankful for.
2️⃣ We start judging ourselves for all of the things we DID NOT accomplished this year.

I know it's happening because I've heard several of my coaching clients say things like this lately... 

I suck because it's the end of November and: 
❌ I still haven't hired for that role.
I didn't get the processes documented.
I'm going to come up x% short of my annual revenue goal.

There is so much shame and guilt around the tasks that didn't get completed and the goals that did not get accomplished.

And yes, I fall into that trap too.

We are an industry that demands so much of ourselves.
We can't help but strive for unachievable levels of accomplishment and perfection. 

👉 In some ways that's good.
👉 And in other ways that's very, very toxic. 

The truth is that the work that you and I do is truly unique and we don't celebrate the impact we provide nearly enough. 

As fractional CFOs, we help our clients do things they would likely never come close to doing without us.

We empower businesses to: 
✅ Increase profits
✅ Increase cash flow
✅ Create additional jobs
Pay people higher wages

The things we do have a very real impact on every day people. 

Fractional CFOs change lives - and this is not hyperbole.

I dare you to name another industry that has the level of impact on everyday people that fractional CFOs have. 

 👉 And I'm willing to bet YOU had life changing impact this year too: 
You helped a client pay off debt
You helped a client achieve a big goal
You helped a client determine if they could hire
You helped a client reduce their stress around money 

Your work matters.

As we finish up 2022, I have a challenge for you:

👉 Yes, I want you to keep pushing to finish those tasks and cross the finish line on your big goals.
👉 But I want to challenge you to take a moment to appreciate the amazing things you've helped others accomplish this year as well. 

You did some REALLY important shit this year.
Be thankful for that.

You coach,

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